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By Her Side

I'm an intuitive communicator.

What that means is that I see things your animal wants me to see, I know things your animal wants me to know, I hear things your animal wants to tell you, and I can also feel what they want me to feel. I love helping people by tuning into their animals to help them get answers to questions they might have, to help them ease the pain of a pet's passing, or to help them cope with their grief. The hardest part about doing this work is when it comes time to communicate with my own animals. Many animal communicators prefer to have others connect with their own animals rather than do it themselves.

When I connect with a client's animal I set an intention that I'm going to be of service to that person, that I will only be the messenger, and that I will have no attachment to the outcome. That last phrase is the most important one to help you understand why connecting with our own animals is so difficult. We are way too attached to the outcome when the health and happiness of our own animal is at stake.

I'm currently struggling quite a bit with the reality that my sweet dog doesn't have a lot of time left with us. I've been told that I will know when it's time for her to go and that there's a lesson for me to learn through the experience. These are similar words that I have shared with clients and even though I know it's the truth, I am afraid.

As I sit here typing, she's laying by the door in her "cool" spot. Her breathing is heavy. The Prednisone has given her comfort and has also made her uncomfortable. Yesterday was a good day. Today is more of a struggle. I don't yet know what tomorrow will bring.

But I do know one thing. I will be there, by her side.

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