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For Animals


Animal Communication Readings 

Heather offers readings by phone or Zoom.

During a 30-minute reading, Heather will connect intuitively to your energy and your animal's energy. The goal is to get a better understanding of yourself and your animal, the relationship between the two of you, and what your animal is here to teach you. During the reading, there is time for you to ask a specific question to your animal.   

30 Minute Reading - $75


During a 50-minute reading, Heather will have time for more in-depth insight into the lesson your animal is teaching you. If you are interested in connecting to more than one animal, or are interested in asking several questions to your animal, this length session will be best for you.

50 Minute Reading - $115

Email Check-In

If you have had a reading with Heather within the last 6 months and have questions pertaining to a prior issue, an email check-in might be the right thing for you. Ask a few questions or get a general "progress report".


When you purchase the EMAIL CHECK-IN option, Heather will email you directly for details regarding the nature of your concerns.   

Email Check-In - $55

*An animal communication reading is not a substitute for veterinary care.* 

For Humans

Intuitive Guidance Sessions

An Intuitive Guidance Session can help you work through challenges and overcome obstacles that you are currently experiencing in your life.  

A 40-minute session will allow Heather the time to connect with your energy, share the messages that come through, and then allow you to ask several questions based on specific questions or concerns you may be having about relationships, work, or general life matters.

40 Minute Intuitive Guidance Session- $85


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