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I have been sensitive to animals for as long as I can remember. "Over-empathetic" is how my mom described me at a very young age. She complained that I would cry more from an animal dying in a movie than a human.  

As an adult, when my sweet tortie, Neala, became sick at only 9 years old, it changed my world. After visiting several veterinarians and trying a variety of treatments, she wasn't getting better. I tried holistic cures and herbal remedies. Those didn't work either. 


That is when a neighbor told me about an animal communicator that a friend had hired. At the time, it seemed like a taboo conversation to be having. People would think I was nuts to hire an animal communicator. But that's precisely what I did.


The communicator didn't give me a magic cure for Neala's illness, but I was able to see the signs that helped me to know when she was ready to go. Even though I was absolutely heartbroken, I was lucky to not have the guilt of “wondering” if it was time, or if I had done enough. I was so grateful for the comfort I had received during the reading, that I realized THIS was the difference I wanted to make for animals and their people. I was so excited to start my journey!


I began studying everything related to animal communication and intuition. But I wasn't getting the results I thought I should. I started becoming frustrated and depressed and thought I was a moron for thinking I could do this. I had almost given up.


Thankfully, at just the right time, I stumbled upon Danielle MacKinnon’s book, Animal Lessons, and her classes. This was the direction I needed. 


I have overcome a lot on this journey, and I couldn't be happier! I not only share what animals have to say, but I get to work with people to help them understand the lessons our animals want to teach us, so that we can all live our best lives. 



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